This week long adventure into the Scottish highlands Will have you wanting to buy a kilt before you know it! While in Scotland you will explore this historical country while staying in the towns of Edinburgh and Glasgow. You will be studying several aspects of business through site visits to local companies and factories and meetings with resident professors. You will experience the Scottish history and culture firsthand with day-trips spent visiting MEDIEVAL CASTLES, the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, and LOCH NESS. This program studies and compares the economic, governmental, and cultural differences between the U.S. and Scotland and gives an in-depth look into the international culture and impacts of business in Scotland.

Courses: BADM 4093, 5093: Comparative Business and Cultural Studies in Scotland
BADM 4050, 5200: Comparative Business and Cultural Studies in Scotland
Instructor: Mike Schuster, Department of Economics and Legal Studies in Business
Greg Day, Department of Economics and Legal Studies in Business
Mike SchusterGreg Day
Course Dates: Jan. 17, 2017 – May 5, 2017
Travel Dates: Mar. 11-18, 2017
Fee: $2,000 + Airfare

Fee covers tuition and fees for three credit hours, health and travel insurance, lodging, in country transportation, all breakfasts, a few group meals, entry fees into group tours and business visits. CAGLE will assist in organizing your air travel, but it is your responsibility to purchase your own ticket. Airfare is estimated at $1,300. Program fee will be charged to your bursar account as scheduled below.

Payment Schedule: $200 Deposit charged upon application acceptance
$856.80 Fees Charged Dec. 15, 2016
$943.20 Tuition Charged Jan. 10, 2017
To Enroll: Please check with your academic advisor before enrolling in any of our study abroad and travel courses.

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