Explore Munich, the cultural hub of Germany, this summer! Where you will stay near the Marienplatz, the central square of Munich outlined with beautiful architecture and crowded with shops and bistros. You will be exposed to German culture and business, while analyzing unique aspects of the corporate government in Germany, understanding country-specific accounting, financial, and economic challenges, and discuss current economic topics including the state of the European Union, immigration, and effects of climate change on business. This trip includes visits to both accounting and corporate firms as well as visits to several cultural attractions such as Nymphenburg Palace, Hofbrauhaus, Olympiapark, the BMW Museum and day trips to Dachau and Salzburg.

Course: BADM 4050, 4093, 5093, 5200: Expanding Horizons: Study Abroad in Germany
ACCT 4763, 5840: Expanding Horizons: Study Abroad in Germany
Instructor: Sandeep Nabar, School of Accounting
Monika Turek, School of Accounting
Sandeep NabarMonika Turek
Course Dates: May 8, 2017 – July 28, 2017
Travel Dates: May 20 РMay 29, 2017
Fee: $2395 + AIRFARE
Payment Schedule: $200 Deposit charged upon application acceptance
$1356.80 Fees Charged Feb 28, 2017
$943.20 Tuition Charged May 9, 2017
To Enroll: Please check with your academic advisor before enrolling in any of our study abroad and travel courses.

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