Study Abroad Programs with José Sagarnaga

Mexico: Mexico City and Puebla

Experience real Mexico this winter! The 2016-2017 winter break in Mexico Program provides an exciting introduction to the culture, history, business climate, and beauty of central Mexico. The course will begin with a couple of on-campus meetings in December, readings and video lectures. The group will meet in Mexico City for two days of historical and cultural immersion including visits to the Teotihuacán Pyramids, Castle of Chapultepec, the National Museum of Anthropology, Metropolitan Cathedral National Palace, the U.S. Embassy, etc. The group then will travel to Puebla, one of Mexico’s oldest Spanish cities. Over the next five days, there will be visits to the VW automobile factory, brewery, and industrial parks. Additionally, campus tour and guest lectures will be provided at UPAEP University. Cultural highlights in Puebla will include the Zocalo and Puebla Downtown, Pyramid of Cholula, and a migrant village. Students will also experience colonial Mexican foods, festivals, and markets.

Travel Dates: Jan 4-11, 2017   LIMITED SPACE  Program Detail