Study Abroad Programs with Greg Day


This week long adventure into the Scottish highlands Will have you wanting to buy a kilt before you know it! While in Scotland you will explore this historical country while staying in the towns of Edinburgh and Glasgow. You will be studying several aspects of business through site visits to local companies and factories and meetings with resident professors. You will experience the Scottish history and culture firsthand with day-trips spent visiting MEDIEVAL CASTLES, the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, and LOCH NESS. This program studies and compares the economic, governmental, and cultural differences between the U.S. and Scotland and gives an in-depth look into the international culture and impacts of business in Scotland.

Travel Dates: March 11-18, 2017   Limited Space  Program Detail

Hong Kong

Explore HONG KONG, a premier global center for business and entertainment. Combining both Chinese and European cultures, Hong Kong offers exciting opportunities for students to discover the benefits and challenges of international business, as well as some of THE WORLD’S FINEST FOOD, ART, and CULTURAL EVENTS. Students will learn firsthand from startups, established businesses, and other entrepreneurs about various international business topics. In the typical day, students can expect to have classroom opportunities and site visits during the day, and free time.

Travel Dates: May 16-May 27, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail