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Enjoy a taste of summer SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR in Peru, while your friends are basking in an Oklahoma winter. On this trip, we will explore PERUVIAN CULTURE and business. While in LIMA, we will visit several Peruvian firms. However, the highlight of the course will be a trip to MACHU PICCHU, sometimes known as the “Lost City of the Incas.” Machu Picchu is one of the world’s top sights as was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

Travel Dates: Dec. 11-19, 2016  CLOSED  Program Detail

Central Florida

Escape the winter blues with an exciting week at the Walt Disney World® Resort in sunny Central Florida! This week long travel course will provide you with behind-the-scenes access to one of the United States’ most successful companies. We will work with Walt Disney Company professionals to take a closer look at the company’s leadership style, approach to teamwork, incorporation of creativity into the workplace, and unmatched customer service. We will explore the various aspects of business in which the Walt Disney Company operates and gain hands on experience through discussion with Walt Disney Company professionals in the accounting and finance field, meetings with OSU students completing internships on property, and have the chance to speak with a retired Executive VP of Operations with the Walt Disney World® Resort, Florida.
SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Travel Dates: Jan. 1-7, 2017   CLOSED  Program Detail


Spend New Year’s in Nicaragua! Live volcanos, crater lakes, tropical weather, and beautiful people are the backdrop for social entrepreneurship in action. We work with OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL as we do field work documenting the MARKETS, work with FARMERS as they learn about AGRIBUSINESS, BUILD COMMUNITY MODELS FOR ECONOMIC STRENGTH, or help build and TEST PREFAB STRUCTURES. You will be staying in the historic city of GRANADA, filled with culture, restaurants, and taverns. We work hard during the day but still have time for hiking, sightseeing, and even a little zip-lining! Join us!

Travel Dates: Jan 2-9, 2017  LIMITED SPACE  Program Detail

Mexico: Mexico City and Puebla

Experience real Mexico this winter! The 2016-2017 winter break in Mexico Program provides an exciting introduction to the culture, history, business climate, and beauty of central Mexico. The course will begin with a couple of on-campus meetings in December, readings and video lectures. The group will meet in Mexico City for two days of historical and cultural immersion including visits to the Teotihuacán Pyramids, Castle of Chapultepec, the National Museum of Anthropology, Metropolitan Cathedral National Palace, the U.S. Embassy, etc. The group then will travel to Puebla, one of Mexico’s oldest Spanish cities. Over the next five days, there will be visits to the VW automobile factory, brewery, and industrial parks. Additionally, campus tour and guest lectures will be provided at UPAEP University. Cultural highlights in Puebla will include the Zocalo and Puebla Downtown, Pyramid of Cholula, and a migrant village. Students will also experience colonial Mexican foods, festivals, and markets.

Travel Dates: Jan 4-11, 2017   LIMITED SPACE  Program Detail

Costa Rica/ Panama

Travel to Central America and complete your capstone strategic management course. Students will engage in strategic management coursework while also traveling to Costa Rica and Panama. While abroad, students will enjoy visits to the POAS VOLCANO, EMBERA QUERA INDIGENOUS VILLAGEPANAMA CANAL and several local company headquarters where you will analyze the cultural, ethical, and international differences of business and management. This program includes breakfast each morning, many lunches and dinners, sightseeing tours, lodging and transportation including flight from San Jose to Panama City on January 8. Students will need to provide flight to Costa Rica and from Panama.

Travel Dates: Jan. 4-11, 2017   CLOSED  Program Detail


EXPERIENCE ITALY in a whole new light. These courses are designed to give students a “FAST AND FURIOUS” introduction to Italian culture, business practices, language and environment. We will explore VENICE, PISA, FLORENCE, NAPLES, POMPEII, SORRENTO, SOMMA, VESUVIANA AND ROME. Students will visit various organizations to learn local business practices, and have an opportunity to sightsee and take in the leisure side of the Italian culture.

Travel Dates: March 10-19, 2017   FULL  Program Detail


Spend this spring break with some of the most innovative thinkers and cutting-edge companies around! With conferences, festivals, and exhibitions covering the topics of technology to comedy this SXSW program provides you with an all-access pass to each and every opportunity available. You will have the chance to hear from 13 of the most inspired speakers, learn from some of the most creative businesses and experience 92 venues full of the newest musical talents. Creativity, ingenuity, and breakthroughs in every category are just some of what you will see when attending SXSW. This program provides you with transportation to and from Austin, transportation in Austin, the SXSW Platinum Badge, and lodging.

Travel Dates: March 10-16, 2017   Limited Space  Program Detail


Spend your Spring Break in Cuenca, Ecuador! The center of the city is listed by UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE TRUST SITE for its many historical buildings. Join us as we visit startup and existing businesses and co-working spaces, mixed with cultural and natural sites within the urban center. We will team with the UNIVERSITY OF CUENCA for a portion of the program.

Travel Dates: March 11-18, 2017  CLOSED  Program Detail


This week long adventure into the Scottish highlands Will have you wanting to buy a kilt before you know it! While in Scotland you will explore this historical country while staying in the towns of Edinburgh and Glasgow. You will be studying several aspects of business through site visits to local companies and factories and meetings with resident professors. You will experience the Scottish history and culture firsthand with day-trips spent visiting MEDIEVAL CASTLES, the SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS, and LOCH NESS. This program studies and compares the economic, governmental, and cultural differences between the U.S. and Scotland and gives an in-depth look into the international culture and impacts of business in Scotland.

Travel Dates: March 11-18, 2017   Limited Space  Program Detail


Spend your spring break in Spain enjoying fresh tapas on the beautiful streets of Madrid and Seville! This week-long program allows students to fully immerse themselves into the Spanish culture while learning about the country’s foreign business practices. While abroad you will stay in Spain’s capital city and visit the historic city of Seville, Spain’s most atmospheric city. You will visit with prominent global companies and meet with foreign business professionals as well as tour the famous Prado museum, attend a Flamenco show, and other cultural sights and activities.

Travel Dates: March 11-18, 2017   FULL  Program Detail


It is no longer a secret; Israel is considered an unprecedented Start – up nation. Companies and conglomerates are establishing development centers and technological business incubators in Israel. These form fertile land for unmatched success for many businesses. What is it which turns the Holy Land into a global Start – Up center? What is so special about the Israeli culture which enables so many Start – Up businesses to succeed? And how does the spirituality and long history connect with the establishment of the first Start – Up nation in the world.

Together we shall take a fascinating tour into the depths of the Israeli Start – Up culture. We shall go through the business and historical milestones. We shall be meeting with key players who will enable the tourist a glimpse behind the scenes of the Holy Land and Start – Up. You will visit a variety of businesses along with visits to Jerusalem including the Christian Quarter – Old City, Wailing Wall, Church of Holy Sepulchre and Mary Magdalene, Tel Aviv, Galil, and Ramat Ha’ Golan, Sea of Galilee, Monastery of St. George, Dead Sea and more.

Travel Dates: March 11-18, 2017  CLOSED  Program Detail


Experience sports business in sunny Phoenix, Arizona! Phoenix is home to NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL franchises and also hosts NASCAR and PGA EVENTS. This course examines the effect of professional sports on the greater Phoenix community and analyzes the impact of each team or league. Instruction will occur through lecture and visits to sports institutions. You will also experience behind-the scenes tours and conduct discussions with various sports professionals.

Travel Dates: March 12-18, 2017   FULL  Program Detail

New York City / Washington D.C.

The class will visit many famous organizations and sites on WALL STREET such as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Standard and Poor’s, NYMEX, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Bloomberg, the STATUE OF LIBERTY and the MUSEUM OF AMERICAN FINANCE among others. The course will also include a walking tour of WALL STREET and a Business Card Social with OSU alumni working on Wall Street. Class will meet selected times before Spring Break on the OSU-Stillwater campus. These sessions will covercoursework for the program and allow students to bond as a group and learn about exciting activities planned for the trip to Wall Street.

Travel Dates: May 14-20, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail

Hong Kong

Explore HONG KONG, a premier global center for business and entertainment. Combining both Chinese and European cultures, Hong Kong offers exciting opportunities for students to discover the benefits and challenges of international business, as well as some of THE WORLD’S FINEST FOOD, ART, and CULTURAL EVENTS. Students will learn firsthand from startups, established businesses, and other entrepreneurs about various international business topics. In the typical day, students can expect to have classroom opportunities and site visits during the day, and free time.

Travel Dates: May 16-May 27, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail

Los Angeles

MGMT 4650: Business of Entertainment
MGMT 5500: Business of Entertainment

Travel Dates: May 17-25, 2017   View Details Now!  Program Detail


Explore Munich, the cultural hub of Germany, this summer! Where you will stay near the Marienplatz, the central square of Munich outlined with beautiful architecture and crowded with shops and bistros. You will be exposed to German culture and business, while analyzing unique aspects of the corporate government in Germany, understanding country-specific accounting, financial, and economic challenges, and discuss current economic topics including the state of the European Union, immigration, and effects of climate change on business. This trip includes visits to both accounting and corporate firms as well as visits to several cultural attractions such as Nymphenburg Palace, Hofbrauhaus, Olympiapark, the BMW Museum and day trips to Dachau and Salzburg.

Travel Dates: May 20-29, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail

New York City

The class will visit many famous organizations and sites on WALL STREET such as the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Standard and Poors, NYMEX, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Bloomberg, the STATUE OF LIBERTY and the MUSEUM OF AMERICAN FINANCE among others. The course will also include a walking tour of WALL STREET and a Business Card Social with OSU alumni working on Wall Street. Class will meet selected times before Spring Break on the OSU-Stillwater campus. These sessions will cover coursework for the program and students to bond as a group and learn about exciting activities planned for the trip to Wall Street.

Travel Dates: May 21-27, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail


Learn about the nature of GLOBAL BUSINESS while enjoying a MEDITERRANEAN SUMMER in Greece! This program introduces you to international management and examines the roles of politics, economics, religion, ethics, and culture play. The trip includes visits to the U.S. Embassy, the House of Parliament, the Acropolis, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, and a FERRY TRIP to the ISLANDS OF HYDRA AND MYKONOS. Information will be presented through lectures, team projects, and visits to leading European companies. Special topics of discussion include the current economic crisis and the growing importance of environmental concerns.

Travel Dates: May 24-June 3, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail

Barcelona, Spain

Explore amazing BARCELONA and learn about the EUROPEAN UNION. Spain benefited greatly from being a member of the EU, leaping ahead in banking, retail, tourism, real-estate and manufacturing. With the current global economic crisis, however, Spain is experiencing challenging problems. Class time will be in the morning, professional visits in the afternoon, with free time over the weekend and evenings.

Travel Dates: June 8-15, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail

London, England

This program combines 6 hours of credit coursework with sightseeing, company visits, and tours. The program is held at the respected REGENTS UNIVERSITY, located within Regents Park in NORTH CENTRAL LONDON. Facilities on campus at Regents include dorm style sleeping rooms, food services, classrooms, computer lab, library, laundry and lounge area. Coursework is supplemented by visits such as ISN, CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, PHILLIPS66, BMW/ MINI COOPER FACTORY, AND MORE! Weekends in London are considered “free weekends” where students will have the opportunity to travel on their own or do additional sight-seeing. Other sightseeing opportunities in London are: BUCKINGHAM PALACE, the NATIONAL GALLERY, the LONDON EYE and the TOWER OF LONDON.

Travel Dates: June 9-30, 2017   APPLY NOW  Program Detail